FeyGod Shinbi Guide

FeyGod Shinbi Guide

Hello, I am The FeyGod. Just another random highish elo player, and I want to teach you how to play Shinbi. Why don’t you only play Fey you might ask. Well purity censor exists and there’s a lot more fun to be had than playing one hero. Anyway, let’s get into it. I will try to go as in-depth as possible, so hopefully we can get more good Shinbi’s out there and stop the dodging when you see Shinbi picked.

Now, onto the guide:

Shinbi is a melee assassin, [Assassin/Burst/Ganker/Elusive/Sieger] with Growth and Intellect affinities. It was originally assumed she would go midlane and while she can go mid and do well she is much better in the offlane. I will talk about both, but if possible try not to take her midlane as there are better choices. However, if you do I will try to help you perform with her.


Line Tempo (Q/Square)A Spirit Wolf is summoned and runs out in a straight line, passing through minions and dealing damage. The wolf explodes on contact with an enemy Hero.

This is your bread and butter skill and you need to be very good at aiming these in all situations. Missing just one in an all-in can be the difference between a kill and the person getting away. Also, slow once you get Ash of the Witch.

Rushing Beat (RMB/R1) – Shinbi dashes forward passing through enemies and dealing damage, she can also re-trigger quickly after to dash again.

Imo, this is Shinbi’s most important ability. This is a nuke, engage, escape all in one ability. Also, you get two, and it helps to pull of a lot of sneaky dodges that I will discuss further.

Circle Rhythm (E/Circle) – Shinbi summons four Spirit Wolves that circle her for 4 seconds, which deal damage and heal Shinbi for each hit.

This ability makes Shinbi extremely hard to beat 1 v. 1 because it does damage and heals you. Can be used for general sustain and wave clear.

All-Kill! (R/Triangle) – Passive: All of Shinbi’s abilities apply +1 Spirit Wolf stack per hit to enemy Heroes, building up to eight stacks. Active: When activated a pack of Spirit Wolves attack the closest target with the highest number of Wolf stacks, sending one Wolf per stack.

This ultimate has some of the highest damage potential and you want to build up as much stacks as possible before using it. However, while it is tempting to just ult people once you have enough stacks, shinbi has enough damage in her kit that if you build right ulting isn’t actually necessary to kill most people. So, you can save it for situations where you have to run and fadeaway ult, or if they escape.


Now that we’ve seen her abilities let’s get into how to play her. I’ll split this into three sections consisting of general play, offlane specific, and midlane specific.

1.General Playstyle

Firstly, it has to be said Shinbi is a pretty mechanical hero in comparison to most heroes. She requires a lot more precision and thinking than almost all the other heroes in paragon currently.

Shinbi is a squishy melee assassin and as such you need to learn to pick fights wisely. Generally, you want to aim for their carry or any other squishies they have and ero them out of a fight. However, do not tunnel vision on this. Every fight is different and you should pick targets based on how the game/fight is going. Another thing you want to try and do is to split push. Hang out in the side-lanes and push/freeze/slow-push them depending on the scenario. Then use this to collapse on fights that may break out elsewhere. Make sure to always be warded up so as to not get caught alone. Vision is of paramount importance when playing Shinbi; I cannot stress this enough. By this, I don’t mean just warding to see if you get ganked. You need to learn to aggressively ward to deny vision so you can collapse on unsuspecting enemies.

In teamfights you want to hold out from diving into the middle of the fight unless the enemy team has blown all their CC. It is tempting to just use abilities on random people but you want to focus your abilities on one person to try and kill them. You shouldn’t be switching targets unless absolutely necessary or you kill the target. This requires you to be a very good judge of your damage. Know when you can’t kill your target so you can back off or switch targets.

 2. Offlane Specific:

Early game : As usual, you want to start regen token and health pot. This is pretty standard for all offlaners. I would also recommend dummy warding to check for support invades, or early ganks if they happen. Your goal is just to survive while getting as much cp as possible with line tempo. A lot of good supports will body block your line tempo so you can’t CS with it if this happens don’t waste your mana unless you’re absolutely sure you will get the CS. You have kill potential as soon as level three so try to coordinate ganks with your jungler. At level 5 if you play it right you should 100% be able to kill the enemy of your choosing.

Mid Game: This is the point at which Shinbi is the strongest. Carries are still relatively weak and nobody should be able to take you in a fight. Use this to splitpush or assassinate alienated targets. If teamfights break out, try to flank and enter their backline to kill their damage dealers. Try to control river buffs as all of them are good on Shinbi, especially red.

Late game: You can still pretty much kill anyone 1v1 but you have to be much more careful especially as carries at this time can probably 3-4 hit you. If you see the opportunity to kill someone, take it, but be very careful of getting CC’ed as you will probably die.

3. Midlane Specific:

The only difference between offlane and midlane is the early game. Midlane in the early game is far more dangerous than offlane. Play extremely safe. Try to dodge as much poke as you can and get as much farm as possible. Almost all other midlaners have an escape or CC, so it is very hard to have kill potential on them. Most of them are also ranged saved for countess and they will basically attack you constantly when you CS. Your goal is to “lose lain as gracefully as possible” It is very possible to win lane if you are more skilled than your opponent but at equal skill it is very unlikely you will win the lane. Once mid game comes around carry on with usual shinbi play.

Why I prefer Offbi to Midbi

  • Her weak early game is covered up by the fact you are expected to lose lane in offlane either way.
  • In offlane, you outlevel your lane opponents so when you get ultimate they are much easier to kill than a level 5 midlaner who also has ultimate.
  • Most carries don’t have very good escape potential making them much easier to catch out and kill. They also don’t do damage as fast as most midlaners in the early game which plays into Shinbi’s strength in extended fights.
  • If you go midbi then you are most likely not going to have any strong AOE damage in teamfights. And while this can be covered up imo it’s better to have an AOE caster or Bellica in that position, especially with the prominence of Dekker.
  • Midlane is much shorter than offlane, so there is not much space to chase people down and extend fights to get a lot of stacks. There are also at least 8 paths to gank mid compared to the two or three you have to worry about in offlane. So it is much safer.
  • In offlane if youre tower goes down you can freeze and farm up. In mid you can try this, but it leaves their midlaner to roam and destroy the rest of your team. Roaming is a very important aspect of midlane. If you lose lane, you either cannot roam because you’re being pushed in, or the opposing laner is just flat out stronger and more useful in fights.

Skill max order

In general you want to follow this order :

All kill > Line tempo > circle rhythm > rushing beat

However your level 1 to 3 can change depending on the situation.

Line tempo is a good start in most situations as you can CS easier without being poked

You can start rushing beat if you think you will be early ganked.

Lastly, you can start circle rhythm if you take a camp in the start. Though, I would still recommend line tempo.

Building Shinbi

I’m not going to tell you how many points to put into your cards. That is up to personal preference. I will of course show my own personal build, but apart from essential cards you can pretty much do what you want as long as you’re building Power, Pen and Mana Regen.

Starting Items

Dummy ward

Regen token

Health/Mana pot

These are generally what you run on all midlaners and offlaners. Feel free to skip the dummy ward, though I would highly recommend you don’t.

Essential Items

There are only two items I consider absolutely essential on Shinbi:

  1. A Ward – Every hero should have wards simple as that. They are too important and useful to not have
  2. Ash of the Witch – The slow passive gives Shinbi at least some CC and due to her cooldowns, she can constantly apply it allowing her to chase people very effectively.ash of the Witch

Now, there is one more item I will put here that I use on Shinbi every time, but I feel like she works just fine without it.

Stinger boost – This adds some nice damage to your combos and she can use it much better than most due to her low cooldowns. It also makes it so you remain useful even when your ult is down. I highly recommend you use this but if it does not match your playstyle then skip it

.Stinger boost

Situational Items (items to consider)

Thickblood – For reducing healing from lifesteal, or if you’re against a rampage, khaimera, or any thermobond user. I personally always run it but it is a situational thing.


Hunters guile – You should have this if you’re against an Aurora, and for Fey ult. If you’re really good at this you can use this to block most CC in the game, including Rampage rocks, and Steel ult anything. If you time it right you can dodge the CC part of these abilities. This is very hard and I would not count on it to save you. I’d rather just not be in the situation where I have to use guile to block CC.

Hunters guile

Bubble tap – Nice shield for when you go ham. Take it if you want some safety

bubble tap

Cast converter – Similar to bubble tap but heath regen instead of a shield when used with circle rhythm, you become a mini pop star rampage.

cast converter

My Shinbi deck and endgame builds




More tips and tricks

  • You can dodge a lot of CC by dashing through people as they throw their ability
  • Your stacks lasts 7 seconds. From the time the last stack is applied, you can get to a safer place before ulting or just wait to look cool.
  • Stacks are applied even if your ult is down so you can start stacking up shortly before your ult comes off cooldown
  • The person you have the most stacks on in your proximity will have a light on them so you can always see who will be ulted. This is also very useful for fighting against invisible enemies as the light will still reveal them even though their model is invisible.
  • Replay00005
  • Use your dash to keep people in range of your circle rhythm try to also hit the dash for maximum damage.
  • Sometimes it is better to ult before you reach high stacks depending on how the fight is going. I will often dash through someone after I reach a suitable number of stacks, ult, then dash back through them.
  • Be very careful of ulting in the middle of fights, as it stops you in place for a short time and it doesn’t do damage instantly. Also, people can still attack you the whole time making you an easy target.

Shinbi in action

Textbook 8-stack assassination:


Cleaning up :



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